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Buy Fruit, Savoury and Smoked Cheeses

A range of moreish cheeses with an added oomph

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Pendle Forest Smoked Lancashire

A firm‚ tasty Lancashire cheese with a natural smoked flavour.

250 g  of Pendle Forest Smoked Lancashire @ £5.70
500 g  of Pendle Forest Smoked Lancashire @ £11.40
750 g  of Pendle Forest Smoked Lancashire @ £17.10
1 kg  of Pendle Forest Smoked Lancashire @ £22.80

Ribblesdale Smoked Goat

A smooth‚ silky-textured goats cheese‚ very lightly smoked so that the flavour is not overwhelmed by the smoking process. Enveloped in a coating of brown wax to preserve the cheese.

250 g  of Ribblesdale Smoked Goat @ £8.20
500 g  of Ribblesdale Smoked Goat @ £16.40
750 g  of Ribblesdale Smoked Goat @ £24.60
1 kg  of Ribblesdale Smoked Goat @ £32.80

Saxon Cross Smoked Cheddar

This creamy smoked cheddar is perfect for going on the cheese board. Not only does it have a wonderfully creamy taste and texture it also has an unercurrant of smokyness! 

250 g  of Saxon Cross Smoked Cheddar @ £4.00
500 g  of Saxon Cross Smoked Cheddar @ £8.00
750 g  of Saxon Cross Smoked Cheddar @ £12.00
1 kg  of Saxon Cross Smoked Cheddar @ £16.00

Smoked Wensleydale

Naturally smoked using oak chips‚ producing a cheese with a subtle‚ smoked flavour‚ and which retains the crumbly characteristics of Wensleydale ...

250 g  of Smoked Wensleydale @ £5.15
500 g  of Smoked Wensleydale @ £10.30
750 g  of Smoked Wensleydale @ £15.45
1 kg  of Smoked Wensleydale @ £20.60

Smoked Redwood

A smooth‚ smokey cheddar made with paprika

250 g  of Smoked Redwood @ £4.95
500 g  of Smoked Redwood @ £9.90
750 g  of Smoked Redwood @ £14.85
1 kg  of Smoked Redwood @ £19.80