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Buy Goats and Ewes Cheeses

Something a little different with our Goats and Ewes milk based cheeses

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Ribblesdale Ewe's

A strong‚ creamy cheese made with ewes milk wrapped in red wax.

250 g  of Ribblesdale Ewe's @ £7.80
500 g  of Ribblesdale Ewe's @ £15.60
750 g  of Ribblesdale Ewe's @ £23.40
1 kg  of Ribblesdale Ewe's @ £31.20

Rosary Goat's Cheese

A full fat soft goats cheese with a fresh clean taste.

250 g  of Rosary Goat's Cheese @ £6.90
500 g  of Rosary Goat's Cheese @ £13.80
750 g  of Rosary Goat's Cheese @ £20.70
1 kg  of Rosary Goat's Cheese @ £27.60

Ribblesdale Smoked Goat

A smooth‚ silky-textured goats cheese‚ very lightly smoked so that the flavour is not overwhelmed by the smoking process. Enveloped in a coating of brown wax to preserve the cheese.

250 g  of Ribblesdale Smoked Goat @ £8.20
500 g  of Ribblesdale Smoked Goat @ £16.40
750 g  of Ribblesdale Smoked Goat @ £24.60
1 kg  of Ribblesdale Smoked Goat @ £32.80

Barbers Vintage

Powerfully intense‚ with an exceptional depth of flavour. It's typically matured for 18 months to develop a full-bodied and complex flavour.


This cheese contains whole pasteurised cow's MILK‚ vegetarian rennet‚ starter culture and salt.

250 g  of Barbers Vintage @ £5.50
500 g  of Barbers Vintage @ £11.00
750 g  of Barbers Vintage @ £16.50
1 kg  of Barbers Vintage @ £22.00


Feta is a brined curd white cheese made from sheep's milk or from a mixture of sheep and goat's milk. It has a bitter taste‚ perfect for a salad. 

200g Pack

Price: £2.00

Brock Blue

A semi-soft‚ blue veined goats milk cheese. Made using goats milk.

250 g  of Brock Blue @ £6.40
500 g  of Brock Blue @ £12.80
750 g  of Brock Blue @ £19.20
1 kg  of Brock Blue @ £25.60

Crozier Blue

Crozier Blue an award winning Sheep's Milk Cheese made by Cashel Blue for Ireland & UK. Rich‚ full & well rounded flavour‚ gently salty‚ rich creamy texture.

250 g  of Crozier Blue @ £6.40
500 g  of Crozier Blue @ £12.80
750 g  of Crozier Blue @ £19.20
1 kg  of Crozier Blue @ £25.60

Ribblesdale Superior Goats Cheese

Ribblesdale Superior Goat Cheese - Mild and piquant‚ with a silky smooth and creamy texture

250 g  of Ribblesdale Superior Goats Cheese @ £7.40
500 g  of Ribblesdale Superior Goats Cheese @ £14.80
750 g  of Ribblesdale Superior Goats Cheese @ £22.20
1 kg  of Ribblesdale Superior Goats Cheese @ £29.60