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Market Place, Hartington, Nr. Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 0AL.

Open 7 days a week from 9am until 5pm or buy your cheese online anytime

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Buy Blue Cheese

A wide range of delicious blue cheeses from around the country. From gentle blue cheese to full on stinky

We have an extensive range of blue cheeses to choose from including our very own Peakland Blue which is made at the Hartington Creamery

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Clawsons Stilton

Creamy Stilton

250 g  of Clawsons Stilton @ £5.25
500 g  of Clawsons Stilton @ £10.50
750 g  of Clawsons Stilton @ £15.75
1 kg  of Clawsons Stilton @ £21.00


SPECIAL OFFER!! ... We have a limited quantity of Peakland Blue that is nearing it's use by date.

NORMALLY £25.20 per KG ... On sale at £14 per KG
HURRY to take advantage. WHEN IT'S GONE ..... IT'S GONE!!!

A lovely creamy blue cheese made at our own Creamery in the Parish of Hartington

250 g  of Peakland Blue SPECIAL OFFER @ £3.50
500 g  of Peakland Blue SPECIAL OFFER @ £7.00
750 g  of Peakland Blue SPECIAL OFFER @ £10.50
1 kg  of Peakland Blue SPECIAL OFFER @ £14.00