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Buy Goats/Ewes milk Cheese

Please note that you will receive your cheese in the block size you order.  Therefore if you want two separate pieces of the same cheese then please place them separately in your basket.

Swaledale Goat's Cheese

This cheese has a creamy moist open texture with a smooth, mild tangy flavour and is wrapped in a cream coloured wax. Made in Yorkshire from goat's milk.

250 g  of Swaledale Goat's Cheese @ £9.09
500 g  of Swaledale Goat's Cheese @ £18.18
750 g  of Swaledale Goat's Cheese @ £27.27
1 kg  of Swaledale Goat's Cheese @ £36.36

Whitmore Ewe's Cheese

Locally made near Acton‚ organic ewe's cheese with a hard texture and sweet‚ rich flavour.

250 g  of Whitmore Ewe's Cheese @ £8.22
500 g  of Whitmore Ewe's Cheese @ £16.44
750 g  of Whitmore Ewe's Cheese @ £24.66
1 kg  of Whitmore Ewe's Cheese @ £32.88

Ribblesdale Ewe's

A strong, creamy cheese made with ewes milk wrapped in red wax.

250 g  of Ribblesdale Ewe's @ £8.51
500 g  of Ribblesdale Ewe's @ £17.02
750 g  of Ribblesdale Ewe's @ £25.53
1 kg  of Ribblesdale Ewe's @ £34.04

Rosary Goat's Cheese

A full fat soft goats cheese with a fresh clean taste.

250 g  of Rosary Goat's Cheese @ £7.19
500 g  of Rosary Goat's Cheese @ £14.38
750 g  of Rosary Goat's Cheese @ £21.57
1 kg  of Rosary Goat's Cheese @ £28.76

Ribblesdale Smoked Goat

A smooth‚ silky-textured goats cheese‚ very lightly smoked so that the flavour is not overwhelmed by the smoking process. Enveloped in a coating of brown wax to preserve the cheese.

250 g  of Ribblesdale Smoked Goat @ £9.06
500 g  of Ribblesdale Smoked Goat @ £18.12
750 g  of Ribblesdale Smoked Goat @ £27.18
1 kg  of Ribblesdale Smoked Goat @ £36.24