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Soft, spreadable and delicious cheese

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Somerset Brie

This is probably the best selling British vegetarian‚ soft white cheese. It has a velvety‚ smooth‚ white edible rind. The cheese's aroma suggests mushrooms with a hint of green grass.

250 g  of Somerset Brie @ £4.33
500 g  of Somerset Brie @ £8.66
750 g  of Somerset Brie @ £12.99
1 kg  of Somerset Brie @ £17.32

Somerset Camembert Truckle

A deliciously rich creamy soft cheese with a full flavour. Perfect for a mini fondue! Supplied in a 200g truckle.


Price: £4.50

Dovedale Blue

An award winning‚ deliciously soft‚ creamy mild blue cheese made at the Hartington Creamery using local cows milk


This cheese contains whole pasteurised cow's MILK‚ vegetarian rennet‚starter culture‚ salt‚ blue mould/penicillin

250 g  of Dovedale Blue @ £5.78
500 g  of Dovedale Blue @ £11.56
750 g  of Dovedale Blue @ £17.34
1 kg  of Dovedale Blue @ £23.12

Rosary Goats Cheese

A full fat soft goats cheese with a fresh clean taste.

250 g  of Rosary Goats Cheese @ £7.08
500 g  of Rosary Goats Cheese @ £14.16
750 g  of Rosary Goats Cheese @ £21.24
1 kg  of Rosary Goats Cheese @ £28.32