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Open 7 days a week from 9am until 5pm or buy your cheese online anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cheeses do you supply ?

All the cheeses we currently have in stock in the shop are available to purchase on line. There are usually more than 70 cheeses available at any one time.

We have found that keeping the website updated is a more accurate way of letting our customers know exactly what is in stock at any time.

Some of the smaller artisan cheese producers we purchase from cannot always keep up with the demand from our customers so stock levels change constantly.

We can also get hold of hundreds of cheeses from all over the world so if you know of a particular cheese you would like to order for a special occasion and it is not listed please contact us and we will be able to let you know availability and price.

Are there any cheeses pregnant ladies should avoid?

The Chief Medical Officer suggests you avoid all soft and blue cheeses (whether pasteurised or unpasteurised) and all other cheeses made with unpasteurised milk.

I need a cheese board for a party but don’t know how much cheese to buy?

We normally allow 100-150g per person.

Over the years we have found that “less is more” so a few good sized pieces of cheese are better than lots of smaller ones. Don't have too many small pieces of cheese, a few good hunks is always better.

You should have a good variety of cheese. A blue cheese, a hard cheese, a soft cheese, and perhaps a goats cheese or  smoked cheese  always work well. Something with a good colour is also a good talking point.

What does “'suitable for vegetarians” mean?

The rennet which starts the cheese making process is made from a plant extract so is acceptable for vegetarians. The cheese will taste no different to any made using animal rennet .

What does “made with unpasteurised milk” mean?

The cheese is made using unpasteurised (raw milk). It often gives the cheese a better flavour and some cheeses can only be made using unpasteurised milk.

Can I telephone my order through to you rather than place an order online?

Yes, but only between the hours of 08:30 and 11:00 am Monday to Friday.
 We will take the order from you and then telephone you back within 48 hours to take a full payment from you after we have calculated the full cost of your order (including any delivery charges).

Can I pay by posting you a cheque?

No sorry payments can only be made by card over the phone, online via the website or in person in the shop.

Do you have a minimum order value?

No we have no minimum order value.

What days do you deliver and how is it sent?

Our normal delivery time will be within 3 to 4 working days from time of order.

Different despatch dates apply just before Christmas and over the Christmas holiday period. We recommend you book early and place any order for a special occasion to avoid disappointment caused by late deliveries

Therefore, if your order is especially date sensitive, please bear this in mind as we cannot be responsible for late deliveries due to circumstances beyond our control. December deliveries often take longer than one day as all courier companies struggle to cope. We would always advise customers to allow an extra day for delivery if your order is for a special occasion such as a wedding or party or book delivery date well in advance.

How do you pack the cheese when posting?

We pack all our cheeses carefully in boxes using polystyrene chips and disposable ice gel packs to keep our cheeses cool in the box. All cheese will be sent out wrapped in cheese film unless the customers specifies in the comment box when placing their order that they would like the cheese vac packed.

I want to send a gift - how soon before a birthday or Christmas should I send it?

This will be determined by the type of cheeses you will be sending.

Soft Cheeses will last around 10 days and whole cheeses, especially  Cheddar truckles or baby Stiltons can last for up to three weeks.

Is the amount shown on my internet invoice the amount which will be charged to my credit card?

Yes. We cannot cut exactly but we will never send less that the weight you have allocated.
For instance, you may order 500g of cheese and our cut may be 515g. You will not be charged any additional amount for this.

Will I receive an invoice?

An invoice will be generated at the checkout stage which you can print off.

Do I have to pay postage, even if I collect from your shop?

No. There is an option at the checkout stage for you to collect from the shop to avoid postal charges. You will need to specify the date you will be collecting your order so we can ensure it is ready for you.

Will someone need to sign for the parcel when it is delivered?

Yes, someone will have to sign for your delivery.

If you know you are going to be out it would be better to have the goods sent to a friend, relative, neighbour or your place of work.

Do you have a returns policy?

Yes. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for details.

How do I store my cheese and how long will it keep?

Cheese should be kept cool (especially soft cheese) ideally between 1 and 5 degrees ⁰C.
Before serving cheese it is better left to warm to room temperature provided that the cheese is kept covered to prevent it from drying out.

We send out our cut cheeses either vacuum packed or wrapped in cheese film. Vacuum packing suits most firm cheeses very well, and extends their life but is not suitable for soft cheese.

If unwrapped your cheese should last for around 7-10 days but once unwrapped it must be consumed within a few days.

Some cheese can also be frozen. Stilton freezes really well either whole or as cut pieces. However cheddars are best grated first and used more for cooking. 

How do I make a purchase online?

Simply follow the instruction on our online shop. It is a very easy process to follow including the checkout procedure. We accept most credit and debit cards.

Do you ever substitute items if they are not available at the time of ordering?

Very occasionally if an item is not in stock we may substitute another one of a similar quality. However, if you do not want any substitutions, simply click the box at the checkout stage.

Do you add VAT to the order?

All our food products are zero rated for VAT and all the prices for our non food items such as gifts, beers and wines etc. include the VAT so there will be no hidden charges.