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Please note that you will receive your cheese in the block size you order.  Therefore if you want two separate pieces of the same cheese then please place them separately in your basket.

Cornish Yarg

This delicious semi-hard cheese from Cornwall is deliciously creamy under the rind and slightly crumbly in the centre. The cheese is wrapped in nettle leaves and then left to ripen producing a naturally occurring mould and a rind that is edible. As the cheese matures it takes on a slightly mushroom taste. The cheese has an attractive‚ lacy pattern of leaves in blue and green‚ giving the finished product a very unique appearance.


This cheese contains whole pasteurised cow's MILK‚ vegetarian rennet‚starter culture‚ salt‚ nettle leaves 

250 g  of Cornish Yarg @ £6.50
500 g  of Cornish Yarg @ £13.00
750 g  of Cornish Yarg @ £19.50
1 kg  of Cornish Yarg @ £26.00

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