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Specialist Local Cheese

Order Specialist Local Cheese now from our online shop. We advise all purchases of Specialist Local Cheese be stored at temperatures between 0°C and 5°C. For more information on any of our cheeses you can contact us today.

You will receive your Specialist Local Cheese in the block size you order. If you require two separate pieces of the same cheese then please place them separately into your basket and we will deliver them accordingly! Thank you.


Dovevale Blue  Cheese

Dovevale Blue Local Produce Cheese Pasteurised Cheese Vegetarian Cheese

An award winning, deliciously soft, creamy mild blue cheese made at the Hartington Creamery using local cows milk

250 g  of Dovevale Blue @ £5.05
500 g  of Dovevale Blue @ £10.10
750 g  of Dovevale Blue @ £15.15
1 kg  of Dovevale Blue @ £20.20


Hartington Bomber  Cheese

Hartington Bomber Local Produce Cheese Pasteurised Cheese Vegetarian Cheese

A black waxed crumbly full fat hard cheese with added cream. It is similar to a Lancashire type cheese and produces a tangy flavour. All milk used in the making of the cheese comes from local farms around Leek.

250 g  of Hartington Bomber @ £5.05
500 g  of Hartington Bomber @ £10.10
750 g  of Hartington Bomber @ £15.15
1 kg  of Hartington Bomber @ £20.20


Whitmore Ewe's Cheese Cheese

Whitmore Ewe's Cheese Local Produce Cheese Organic Cheese Unpasteurised Cheese Vegetarian Cheese

Locally made near Acton, organic ewe's cheese with a hard texture and sweet, rich flavour.

250 g  of Whitmore Ewe's Cheese @ £7.15
500 g  of Whitmore Ewe's Cheese @ £14.30
750 g  of Whitmore Ewe's Cheese @ £21.45
1 kg  of Whitmore Ewe's Cheese @ £28.60