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Mouth Almighty Cheese Pasteurised Vegetarian

This Tasty Lancashire has quite a name to live up, giving you a full flavoured, mouth filling tasty Lancs that has the all important initial tang so sought after by cheese makers throughout the region. It has a full flavour and unfolds into the mouth with a creaminess not too dissimilar to the How’s yer Father. There is a definite leaning toward the farmyard with the pleasing aftertaste which is still clean and fresh and although strong it is not at all overpowering. 

This cheese is matured for anything from 3-12 months and even beyond as the flavours just carries on developing with the passage of time. If a stronger cheese is your thing then the character of this Tasty could just be what you are looking for.

Full flavoured tasty Lancashire cheese made by ex-corrie star Sean Wilson (Martin Platt)

250 g  Mouth Almighty @ £5.50
500 g  Mouth Almighty @ £11.00
750 g  Mouth Almighty @ £16.50
1 kg  Mouth Almighty @ £22.00

We regret this product is either out of stock or we have ceased to stock it


Mouth Almighty  Cheese

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